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Security Guards

Security guards do a great job, they work as a deterrent, preventing crimes from occurring and if a crime ever does occur while they are on duty, they have the relevant skills to handle challenging situations. These people provide a service that can help protect your home, your company, assets, products and also staff.

They are contracted to work in various places at different times and normally they will work alongside the security system that is already set up for your home or business.  Security personnel usually work on site to make sure they can keep a watchful eye on everything that's going on. They're also in a position to recognize potential trouble right away and act on it immediately. 

Security staff are used by financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, and so on to prevent break-ins or unlawful damage to their premises. Security guards will often patrol and check on property in order to offer protection against - theft, vandalism, fire and unlawful activity.  They might be self- employed or work for a security company.  They can certainly act as an impartial observer, watching your company's activities night and day and will identify anyone who you ought to be cautious about . You can rely ion a security guard to take care of the problem in a very professional way so you’re never in danger. Unlike automated systems, that are always needing attention, you can leave them to get on with their job while you do yours.

Mobile Patrols could have specific assignment instructions for every location to be patrolled. They will work to control access to the premises when required but they may also make rounds through the building, keep an eye on surveillance cameras and also carry out a wide range of other tasks at the same time.  Static security guards have the same goal as you any time they’re hired - to protect your premises, business or household and preventing just about any mishaps that can happen under their watch. 

Although they carry out a lot of the exact same duties, these can vary a lot but they’re always a highly effective visual deterrent to thieves. They're can cover a substantial area and also inspect both interior and exterior of your business  or home. They are required to be trained to the highest standard to give you a professional and reliable service, when they work for a reputable security company.

With a fully integrated home security system, a homeowner can rest assured that their belongings and family are protected day and night.  Keyholding allows the business or home owner to be away from their premises and feel secure in the knowledge that their property is being monitored as well as alarmed and, in the event of a break-in, there will always be a professional security guard on the scene in minutes, to co ordinate with the authorities and also to contact you straight away, wherever you are.