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When purchasing a new home or updating an existing one, many families today have to stretch their finances to the limit. A homeowner may postpone the decision of whether to install a burglar alarm, or perhaps judge a security system to be unnecessary because the home is located in a 'safe' neighborhood.

Sadly, every year thousands of homeowners become victims of break-ins, theft, vandalism, or even violent home invasions. Many were shocked that their home was targeted, believing that their neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. The unfortunate reality is that criminals respect no boundaries, and in fact are often drawn to neighborhoods precisely because they are quiet and secluded.

For the families impacted by these property and violent crimes, being victimized without warning is often a traumatic and stressful experience. A homeowner may have to deal with cleaning up a crime scene, filing an insurance claim, paying a steep deductible, or facing unreimbursed losses. Homeowners may also have to take off time from work to file police reports. If the thief is caught, a homeowner may be required to attend a trial and potentially have to testify in court.

Even more damaging than the economic costs and the loss of time spent trying to repair the damage to one's home, is that many homeowners are deprived of their feeling of safety and security in their home. One's home should be a refuge of safety, a retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Once criminals target a home, a homeowner's sense of being violated can be difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, families can take action to prevent becoming victimized, or restore their sense of security after a break-in, by installing a quality burglar alarm or better still, get a total security package including alarm, keyholding and security guards.

It might seem a little over the top for a household, it makes perfect sense for business premises. Integrated security systems are available to suit nearly every budget. By taking advantage of convenient payment plans, families and business owners are surprised to find that a good security package is truly affordable. Many security systems offer features such as: monitoring entry into the home, alerting police and emergency responders to trouble, and providing video surveillance of the property.